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All about superannuation

Why choose Hudson Advisory Group?

Hudson Advisory has been helping our customers take control of their financial future for over 9 years.

Whether you're after a simple investment or a portfolio you can be heavily involved with, there's a Hudson Advisory super product for you.

Super that keeps up with your changing needs

Flexible Superannuation Investments

  • A super fund with smart investment options thats easy to take from job to job and into retirement
  • Offers a wide range of investments from basic, low-cost options to a selection of leading-edge funds
  • Simple insurance options you can tailor as your needs change

Helps you confidently reach your financial goals

Growth Bonds and Annuities

  • Innovative all-in-one super and investment solution that allows you to easily move to a pension account when you're ready to retire
  • Wide range of investment options, including over 360 managed funds, term deposits and direct shares
  • Guaranteed retirement income

Take control of your own super fund

Personalised Portfolio

Whether you are thinking about setting up an SMSF or running an existing SMSF, we can help you:

  • set up an SMSF
  • manage an existing SMSF
  • change your SMSF administration provider