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Our mission

Our mission is to partner with clients to help them make smart financial decisions to get them to where they want to be.

We accomplish this mission by building a long-term relationship, and offering holistic, comprehensive, non product aligned, advisory services.

Hudson Advisory Group now services hundreds of clients who have mostly been referred by satisfied clients, which is testament to our service.

About us

Our goal at Hudson Advisory Group, since we established in 2007, is to help our clients enjoy their lives to the fullest, while preserving the security of their future, through providing a long-term comprehensive Financial Planning advice service.

To provide the best possible service, we believe the advice offered should not be limited to one aspect of our clients’ lives. Instead, a client’s situation should be assessed in full to ensure the strategy and plan is consistent with their overall goals, objectives and risk profile, and is achievable.

Hudson Advisory Group offers an extensive service to ensure our clients achieve their short and long-term financial and lifestyle goals. Beyond providing advice, we are committed to implementing the plan, conducting regular reviews and the proactive management of the financial plans, all the while working with and for the client.


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Hudson Advisory Group operates under the Australian Financial Services License of New Horizons Financial Services Pty Ltd, AFSL no 522392, which was established in an environment where there was a needed for financial services that are truly in the best interest of our clients.

Hudson Advisory is not controlled by or aligned to any financial institution/s; such as a fund manager, bank, insurance company or trade/credit union. As none of these institutions have a vested interest in our business, they are not able to influence us in the provision of advice.

Our job is to offer you work in your best interest, as our client, delivering the highest possible level of service through highly skilled and ethical advisers.

Meet Our Team

Michael Wood

Managing Director & Senior Financial Planner

Michael has had a passion for Financial Planning and assisting people to reach their financial goals since completing his Bachelor of Commerce at Victoria University of Wellington in 1997 and his Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. Michael has been a Financial Planner in Australia since 1999. Prior to opening Hudson Advisory Group he was a Financial Planner for Saxby Bridge Pty Ltd in Melbourne.

In late 2007 Michael decided to use both his academic knowledge and experience with his wide range of Australian clients to open his own business, Hudson Advisory Group Pty Ltd.

Since then he has grown Hudson Advisory Group Pty Ltd to offer a holistic Financial Planning service assisting clients from all walks of life.

Hudson Advisory Group now services hundreds of clients who have all been referred by happy clients, which is testament to the service Michael prides himself in.

Trusted Advisers

The value of having a trusted adviser

Getting financial advice is a simple way to eliminate the time and effort in managing your personal finances while still leaving you in control and on a pathway to reach your goals and objectives.

Can you afford to get financial advice?

The question should be, can you afford not to have financial advice?

Here at Hudson Advisory we offer a range of services.

Our advice will be aimed at addressing your financial needs, goals and objectives, but seeking advice could lead to all kinds of benefits which are not just financial, including sleeping easier, enjoying life more, having a higher standard of living, more positive relationships, eliminating unnecessary expenses (fees etc.), paying less tax, being eligible for social security benefits, early retirement and more.

Good advice costs you less and gives you more.

A Financial Adviser can help in all aspects of your financial situation

  • Financial Health Check

  • Tax Efficiency

  • Social Security & Support

  • Budgeting

  • Wealth Accumulation

  • Retirement Planning

  • Debt Management

  • Superannuation

  • Aged Care Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Wealth Protection (Insurance)

  • Estate Planning (by Referral)

How Can We Help You?


Clients who approach us with in uncertain times seek stability, certainty or to profit from opportunity. They want to invest for their future by taking a calculated risks so that they can have a certain degree of certainty, while being assured that they are unlikely to experience the volatility in returns typical for investments misaligned with their tolerances, or alternatively aren’t exposed to unnecessary or insurable risks to their wealth.


As life happens, our prosperity fluctuates. You may have cash in the bank, received an inheritance, have investments which aren’t performing as expected or maybe you have surplus cashflow as you happen to be spending less than what you earn. In any case, you may be looking to get a return on these funds.

Having someone who understands what your options are, how to get you invested with a risk/return balance that is right for you, is imperative for reaching your financial goals while having comfort that your preferences is what guided your investment choices.


Life is fluid and flows in directions that are sometimes ideal, but are often unexpected, for example, pregnancy, disability or the need to put a family member into aged care. Your goals may change or evolve as life happens. A trusted adviser will work with you to make the decisions that will leave you better off.

When faced with having to make financial choices, an adviser who understands the considerations that need to be factored in to make the decisions in your best interest.

Our Services

Working With Us

We live in a competitive world, and to offer our services at an accessible price point for our clients, we need to be selective with the who we choose to work for. As such, we ask for 3 things from you.


We are highly qualified professionals with years of experience which we collectively leverage from. Our time is precious, as is yours. For the best outcomes, we commit 100% to the process and ask that you do the same.


Our business model is based on a long-term ongoing relationship built on mutual trust. We seldom work on a transactional basis. You make our business possible, and in turn, we act in your best interest to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Our ongoing positive relationship facilitates for this process.


We believe in growing our business organically. As such, if you are happy with our service, telling your network of friends, family and colleagues is how Hudson Advisory continues to grow.

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Deposit and Payment products

Debentures and bonds



Managed Investment Scheme


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Super that keeps up with your changing needs

Helps you confidently reach your financial goals

Take control of your own super fund Whether you are thinking about setting up an SMSF or running an existing SMSF, we can help you:

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Wealth Protection (Insurance)

Life Insurance

Total and Permanent Disablement Cover

Income Protection

Trauma Cover

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Estate Planning

Comprehensive estate planning services sets in place strategies and structures that help our clients plan in advance, to ensure the assets they leave behind after their passing fall into the right hands, at the right time, giving confidence that their wishes for the future are secure.

If you don’t have a plan, the government has one for you, but you probably won’t like it. It may involve going to court to prove who is entitled to your assets. Having a plan in place, can make things easier for the people you leave behind, at what will be a very emotional time.

Estate planning services include:


Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney provides another person to act on your behalf in property and financial matters. It ensures that important matters are dealt with by someone you trust if you are unable to deal with them yourself. An Enduring Power of Attorney is an extremely valuable document which provides peace of mind and certainty that business and personal matters will be carried out on your behalf if you were unable to make such decisions yourself.

Businesses Succession Planning

Without an appropriately structured Shareholder Agreement or Buy-Sell Agreement, businesses risk the possibility of not surviving planned or unplanned exits from the business. To enable for a smooth transition with less likelihood of disruption to your business operations and provide a roadmap for:

To discuss your estate planning requirements contact our team of advisers.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together: 1300 491 692 or email us at

Useful Links

General Calculators

Financial Videos

Estate Planning Client Portal

If you need our help in drafting up a Will or Power of Attorney document (or both), our Estate Planning Client Portal will give us the information needed to set this up for you.

Access to our client portal is password protected - please get in touch with us for the password needed to access this service.

Access our Estate Planning Client Portal

Tax Deductions by Job

Do I Need a Financial Adviser?

The answer to whether you need a financial adviser really is determined by how much knowledge you have in all areas your adviser considers when giving you advice.

Here at Hudson Advisory, we are a holistic practice. This means that we consider the clients whole situation based on the information they have given us before we give any advice.

So, do you need a financial adviser? The answer is determined by:

When Do I Need a Financial Adviser?

It’s hard to think of any stage in life as an adult when one wouldn’t benefit from financial advice. We are constantly experiencing choices that affect our financial future, from:

As long as you and your family is living, you could all benefit from financial choices being made to maximise your benefit and a trusted adviser working for you is the best way to do this if you didn’t have the expertise of a trusted adviser yourself.

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The Financial Planning Process


We will explain the process we will follow, find out your needs and make sure we can meet them. Information about our background, how we work and how we charge.


We will identify your short- and long-term financial goals – this stage serves as a foundation for developing your plan.


We will assess your current financial position – your assets, liabilities, insurance coverage and investment or tax strategies.


We will recommend suitable strategies, products and services, and answers any questions you have.


Once you’re ready to go ahead, we will put the plan into action working together with industry professionals where appropriate.


Your circumstances, lifestyle and financial goals are likely to change over time, so it’s important that your plan is regularly reviewed, to make sure you keep on track.

Planning Process

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together: 1300 491 692 or email us at

Your Goals & Objectives

Hudson Advisory wants to work for you, to sort out your finances and create a plan for you to achieve your financial goals and objectives. Setting your goals is the most important first step to becoming financially secure or financially efficient.

Goals can be over the short (less than 2 years), medium (2 to 10 years) or long term (more than 10 years) and typically evolve as life progresses. You need a financial plan to suit the stage of life you are in so that you are financially secure now and through to your retirement.

Short Term Goals Medium Term Goals Long Term Goals
(tax efficiency, social security, surplus cash etc.)
Wealth Accumulation Superannuation Investing
Debt Management (mortgage, car etc) Wealth Protection (Insurance) Retirement Planning
Current Financial Security (Investment Management). Saving
(holiday, car, education etc.)
Aged Care Planning

Estate planning is the process of arranging your affairs to ensure the efficient and effective distribution of your estate after your passing. Hence, arranging your estate plan is a short-term goal and the actual distribution of your estate after your passing is typically a long-term goal.

Reviewing your financial plan annually gives you the opportunity to update your goals and track your progress.

Every step from where you are until you arrive at your destination counts toward progress to get you where you want to be.

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Our Service Packages

Our service packages reflect the amount of work that needs to be done to service our clients needs. Below is a summary of the service packages we offer and the respective inclusions:

Service Package Bronze Silver Gold
Monthly Economic & Market Update Included Included Included
Annual Mortgage Review Included Included Included
Tax Effective Investment Advice Included Included Included
Investment Management Included Included Included
Periodical Portfolio Rebalance Included Included Included
SMSF Advice & Administration Included Included Included
Meeting with Financial Planner Annual Annual Half Yearly
Strategies Included in Financial Plan 1-4 Simple Strategies 1-4 Intermediate Strategies 1-4 Complex Strategies
Access to Client Services 3 6 12
Amendments to Advice Documents $330/Hour Included Included
Initial Advice Cost (Once Off) $2,500 Single

$3,500 Couple
$3,500 Single

$4,500 Couple
From $4,500 Single

$5,500 Couple
Ongoing Advice Cost $2,500 Single

$3,500 Couple
$3,500 Single

$4,500 Couple
From $4,500 Single

$5,500 Couple

NOTE: The above mentioned intial and ongoing advice fees do not apply to Wealth Protection (Insurance), only advice clients.

Simple Advice Intermiediate Advice Complex Advice
Superannuation Product Selection Non-Superannuation Investments Retirement Projections
Superannuation Asset Allocation Tax Effective Strategies Self-Managed Super Fund Advice
Insurance Analysis & Recommendations Superannuation & Retirement Strategies Tax Strategies & Asset Allocations
Superannuation Contributions Risk & Returns Projections Trust Account Advice

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