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Why invest with Hudson Advisory?

Hudson Advisory has been helping our customers take control of their financial future for more than 9 years, wtih a range of award-winning investment products.

Whether you're after a simple investment or a portfolio you can be heavily involved with, there's a Hudson Advisory investment product to suit your needs.

Short and Long Term Investments

  • Current accounts and term deposits
  • Debentures, stocks or bonds: Debentures and bonds: Investing via a direct loan/s to businesses can be a good source of producing regular income higher than bank interest rates. This lending can also be to the government via Government Bonds.
  • Stocks: Investing in ownership in private companies is less secure than term debentures and bonds as it does not have a guaranteed income at an agreed interest rate and is dependent on the return of the company. However via this form of investing you may experience both an income return and growth in the asset value.
  • Derivatives: The ability to set a future buy or sell price for an asset at a future date.
  • Managed Investment Scheme: By pooling your money with other investors into a fund, you have the ability; to diversify your investments, access a wide choice of shares, property, fixed interest or cash. In addition you employ the fund manager to make investment changes to increase potential returns of the fund. By pooling assets you may have access to assets you normally couldn't access directly.
  • Securities: Direct share portfolio design provides hands on control. Ensuring the design of the portfolio of shares works together to achieve your desired risk return relationship over the medium/long-term for both your desired level of income(dividends) and growth.